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Outsourcing Solutions

No matter what workforce challenge or issue you face, partnering with us is stable way to manage your talent and maintain workforce stability throughout your business.

According to a study in which 340 companies participated, 86% of participants named their main problems:

  • Lack of innovative solutions
  • Lack of leadership potential
  • Lack of highly specialized specialists

And 56% of respondents believe that the main reason is ineffective management of business and HR processes

Business strategy of successful companies in conditions of economic instability may include:
  • Reducing transaction costs
  • Ensuring the growth of labor productivity
  • Access to industry and functional expertise and new technologies
  • Optimization of business processes
This STRATEGY in many cases implies the introduction of shared service centers and outsourcing of highly transactional activity (full or partial)

ROI from this approach got by companies comes from  standardization of processes, consolidation of processes and data, automation and focus on key activities.

Since 2008, large and highly specialized companies in the USA and EMEA have begun to actively use RPO and MSP solutions. And since 2010, many of those switched to Outsourced Services Procurement.

We offer the best solutions for the sustainable growth of your business. All decisions are accompanied by consulting, within which we select the best combination of sub-cycles to outsource, conduct an audit of the current processes, develop new processes that meet business goals and desired KPIs, calculate the economy from implementation

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing — business process in the field of search and selection of personnel, based on Service Levels (SLA); acting on behalf of the Client RPO team works as seamless extension to HR department; has flexible structure to reflect hiring fluctuations; accumulates recruitment expertise for the Client; responsible for the final result & Cost per Hire (CPH)

Types of RPO

A. Full cycle (end2end): transfer to the provider of the entire recruitment process: from opening a vacancy to the candidate’s onboarding, including advertising campaign and training for hiring managers

B.  Partial (specific sub-cycle): transfer of part of the recruitment process to the provider: analysis of responses, sourcing, collection of recommendations, preselection, logistics of the candidate, exit interviews, etc.

Our clients who launched RPO with us note: significant annual savings — from 27% annually, increased satisfaction of hiring managers with the recruitment process 4.8 out of 5 possible points, reduced staff turnover…

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

MSP — business process in the field recruitment process outsourcing—sometimes referred to as a Managed Solutions Provider or Managed Systems Provider. An MSP provides permanent or managed contingent workforce services according to guidelines established by the client.  Can be end2end or partial.

An effective solution for attracting talent regardless of geography, recruitment scale and search complexity.

Solution options

A.      Audit of the existing hiring system and supplier management methodology
B.       Implementation of a unified management system for all recruitment channels and recruitment outsourcing within the framework of the MSP methodology on behalf of Addwise (“one window” approach)
C.       Creation of the Customer’s proprietary supplier management system using the existing developments and expertise of Addwise on behalf of the Customer
D.      Outsourcing of the procurement process

 Addwise has the strongest position in Russia to deliver MSP solution due to …

Career Transition Services & Outplacement Solution

Addwise partners with clients from the start to plan a downsizing, ensuring the termination process is done sensitively and legally. We also counsel our clients on related organizational issues.

Our programs list:

A.  Corporate services

B.  The Senior Executive Program

C.  Individual Career Transition Program

D.  Group Career Transition Program

Services also may include Reduction in Force Planning & Review, Development of Communications, On-site Support at Time of Termination, Termination training for….

Why Addwise

Local expertise with global knowledge. Our consultants have Russian and international experience in the implementation and management of outsourcing projects.

The best experts. For over 10 years our company has been providing outsourcing and consulting services in Russia. The Addwise consultants length of service in the profession is over 10 years

We calculate. Oddly enough, few people calculate the efficiency and economics of HR processes. We will do it for you. You will gain a deep understanding of the relationship of processes with the financial results of the company.

SIX SIGMA and LEAN approach. We are pioneers in recruiting the LEAN approach (approach to optimizing business processes focused on meeting customer needs with the least investment of time and resources) and the six-sigma quality system, widely recognized in the industry, which produces results that are unique for the industry.

Leadership Assessment centers and team assessment centers