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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing business process in the field of search and selection of personnel, based on Service Levels (SLA); acting on behalf of the Client RPO team works as seamless extension to HR department; has flexible structure to reflect hiring fluctuations; accumulates recruitment expertise for the Client; responsible for the final result & Cost per Hire (CPH)

Why might a company need to outsource the recruitment process?

  • Large recruitment plan, while internal resources are limited
  • Transfer highly transitional function of recruitment (end2end or partial) to external provider, to share responsibility and focus HR efforts on higher priority functions
  • Ensure hiring of the right quantity & quality and on time, while easy scaling;
  • Implement standardized and measurable processes and/ or improve/ upgrade existing hiring processes;
  • Have am PRO team working as a seamless extension to HR department while maintaining full control of the Customer over processes and data;
  • Get access to the best HR practices with market benchmarks, the use of modern mathematical methods / artificial intelligence to reduce time and increase the accuracy of selection;
  • Have reliable analytics and reporting

Our clients who launched RPO with us note significant annual savings — from 27% annually, increased satisfaction of hiring managers with the recruitment process 4.8 out of 5 possible points, reduced staff turnover

Types of RPO

  • Full cycle (end2end): transfer to the provider of the entire recruitment process: from opening a vacancy to the candidate’s onboarding, including advertising campaign and training for hiring managers
  • Partial (specific sub-cycle): transfer of part of the recruitment process to the provider: analysis of responses, sourcing, collection of recommendations, preselection, logistics of the candidate, exit interviews, etc.

Solution Characteristic

  • Dedicated project team & Project manager (work in the «one window» approach)
  • SLA based solution measuring targeted results and improvements
  • Various & efficiency measured sourcing tools to generate a stream of applicants
  • Use of technological platform for interaction between RPO team and the Client
  • Use of effective tools for assessing and selecting candidates (chat bots, automated submission of assessment forms and uploading assessment results to the ATC system)
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Typical Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

  • Time to hire — Period of working on the order, starting from requisition form up to position closing
  • Volume — Period of working on the order, starting from requisition form up to position closing
  • Quality — Ratio of presented candidates vs candidates hired
  • Satisfaction rate — HR Manager Satisfaction ratе; Hiring Manage satisfaction rate
  • Process improvement — Number of improvements executed in the process in order

We develop individual solutions for each client.

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