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Executive Coaching &
Career Consulting

Consulting to support career and personal growth is the best investment you can afford. This is an investment in yourself. If you face the challenge of making important choice/ decision, develop growth strategy, use our services for individuals, top managers who want to become even more successful, more efficient, and happier

Career Growth Consulting

  • Come to work and do not feel happy about what you are doing?
  • Have you been looking for a job for several months now?
  • Has the employment contract with the employer been terminated, but there are still no job offers?
  • There is a gap between your current job and your dream job and you don’t know where to start to fix it?
  • Or have you been invited for an interview for the vacancy of «Dreams» and you want to prepare for it with high quality?

We are proud to offer the highest level of career coaching services available on the market.

Having helped hundreds of job seekers ranging from recent grads to C-Level execs at major corporations, we are comfortable working with various industries and professions including the federal government, sales, finance, HR, and executive.

Our professional career coaching services are provided by….

Life & Business Coaching

Inspiring leadership and transformation for individuals & organizations. Now offering virtual coaching for professionals.  Now Available in-person and by Zoom.

Our experienced coaches have worked with all levels of executives. We customize our programs to the desired results

We have combined the best global coaching practices and  local personal experience into “effACTIVE” coaching approach.

It is a combination of business coaching, leadership development and life coaching mixed with business consulting.  It is designed to help see greater possibilities for you and your business, and then step into them.  “effACTIVE” helps you to logically understand who you are, what is important for you, where you want to be and how you get there, or just clear up your business or personal goals and cases.

Formats of Coach sessions:

  • Pitstop Session….

Leadership Assessment centers and team assessment centers