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Consulting for Companies

For more than a decade we deliver full range of consulting services that impacts our Clients’ business at a great positive extent. Consultants at Addwise Consulting, including former line and human resource executives with over that 15 years at senior level positions, are experts at helping companies and individuals reach their professional goals.

Leadership Assessment Centers &
Team Assessment Centers

Assessment Centers are the most comprehensive predictor of how leaders will perform in their role, both now and in the future.
Group evaluations for selection and development have proven to be a highly effective way to predict the efficiency of the team and results delivered to the business.
Addwise has a long history of developing and facilitating customized Assessment Centers across a wide range of industries. We are certified in and practicing various tools while assessing: behavioral interviews, 360, Hogan, Detech, SHL as well as accurate & deep reference check.

Executive Coaching
for Companies

Addwise Executive Coaches are professionals certified by ICF and with a decade+ year practice in the subject. Our services are about partnership, nestled in the executive’s ecosystem, designed to move, stretch, challenge, and engage the executive in a process to drive positive shifts in performance. The coach guides with thought-provoking insight, feedback, and suggestions to help the executive perform at his or her peak potential. At Addwise, we take that a step further with what we call «executive focus coaching».

We have tailored various sets of coaching programs that could be of great value to your business & your top managers.

Various Audits

  • Recruitment process audit. End2End or by sub-cycle, incl. hiring economy calculation
  • Corporate Culture Audit & Culture Shaping Workshops
  • Organizational Consulting & Team Efficiency

Every audit is delivered by seasoned professionals and experts in the subject as well as using best practices of Six Sigma &Lean. Client get comprehensive report on current stage and recommendations on improvements with several scenarios and value calculations.

Our experts have experience in auditing & consulting since 1996. As well as being a member of the Jury of the Leading Awards for  HR practices in Russia and CIS since 2007, we have unique view on the operational excellence ub the market in various industries, so can benchmark easily.

Various Surveys

  • Compensation & Benefits, Salary Structure
  • Candidates mapping
  • HR Brand Attractiveness
  • Exit Interviews Independent Call Center Solution and Unforced Leave Reasons Survey

Learning & Development Solutions

Leadership Development & Training programs for Top Management, incl. modular comprehensive programs with off-site sessions and topical teambuilding.

We specialize in the following topics:

  • Leadership In VUCA world
  • Leader & Team/ Efficient interaction
  • Vertical Development of a Leader
  • Goal-setting: high goals and ways to reach
  • Self-motivation & Life-balance
  • Leadership management tools: mentoring & coaching techniques
  • Women leadership

Facilitation of Workshops & Strategic Sessions

  • Facilitation of strategy conversations with executive leadership team, cross-functional groups, and board of directors to enhance collaboration and set strategic direction.
  • Developing your leadership team’s strategy skills during workshops and offsite sessions.
  • Development of a two-page StrategyPrint, or blueprint for your business, that can be used by leaders at all levels.
  • A refresh of your strategy development process to simplify it and make it more actionable
  • Facilitation of various workshops
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Leadership Assessment centers and team assessment centers