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Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider business process in the field recruitment process outsourcing—sometimes referred to as a Managed Solutions Provider or Managed Systems Provider. An MSP provides permanent or managed contingent workforce services according to guidelines established by the client.  Can be end2end or partial.

An effective solution for attracting talent regardless of geography, recruitment scale and search complexity.

Solution options:

A. Audit of the existing hiring system and supplier management methodology:

  • Searches analysis of key problem points
  • Proposals for the digitization of the recruitment process (metrics system, SLA)
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of sources
  • Objective calculation of CPH (cost per hire)

B. Implementation of a unified management system for all recruitment channels and recruitment outsourcing within the framework of the MSP methodology on behalf of Addwise (“one window” approach):

• Implementation of a technology platform as a unified management system for recruitment and all sources of candidates (recruitment outsourcing) • Creation of a single database of candidates from all soppliers • Conducting analytics in any aspects • Management of cost and quality of services • Consolidation of payments, preparation of closing documents • Analytics of the performance of each supplier, monitoring the market of the best service providers

C. Creation of the Customer’s proprietary supplier management system using the existing developments and expertise of Addwise on behalf of the Customer:

• MSP Project Office with Addwise Team implant • Implementation of own software for management of suppliers basing on Addwise platform • Concentration of all analytics and data within Customer

D. Outsourcing of the procurement process — rendering of the main specific activities for conducting tenders, procurement and payment to suppliers in compliance with the client’s compliance requirements, including:

• holding tenders for HR services • Classification of suppliers, Entering suppliers into the client’s system • Transfer of suppliers to EDF, etc. • Request for quotation from suppliers for new services • Processing, negotiation and signing of contracts and applications • Processing of closing documents

Supplier’s program

  • 97% Supplier Satisfaction Rating via a Recent Survey
  • Currently developing a Supplier
    Community Program to help ensure Supplier success
  • We treat Suppliers as Partners, not as individual pieces of the overall program


  • Creation in the interests of the Customer of a single eco-system, including absolutely all available sources of recruitment
  • Ensure the Client at the top of the selection «food chain» — ability to reach any geographic point of the candidate’s location in the shortest time
  • Growth of the Client’s candidate database combining the databases of candidates of all suppliers in one
  • Standardized and transparent procurement processes for services. Cost control
  • Improving key performance indicators (KPIs) of recruiting processes, including reducing hiring cycle and cost of hiring
  • Individual approach to support compliance with client requirements
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Why MSP by Addwise

  • Addwise has the strongest position in Russia to deliver MSP solution due to both – unique technological local B2B platform to manage and score the supplier base
  • Proven local experience
  • Local & international expertise in MSP of Addwise employees


We are ready to calculate the cost of the time of your employees involved in the supplier management process, including market analysis, legal advice

We develop individual solutions for each client.

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