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Career Coaching & Consulting

We are proud to offer the highest level of career coaching services available on the market.

Having helped hundreds of job seekers ranging from recent grads to C-Level execs at major corporations, we are comfortable working with various industries and professions including the federal government, sales, finance, HR, and executive.

  • Come to work and do not feel happy about what you are doing?
  • Have you been looking for a job for several months now?
  • Has the employment contract with the employer been terminated, but there are still no job offers?
  • There is a gap between your current job and your dream job and you don’t know where to start to fix it?
  • Or have you been invited for an interview for the vacancy of «Dreams» and you want to prepare for it with high quality?

Our professional career coaching services are provided by headhunters, and/or ex-executives. We ensure the absolute highest quality of career coaches and will always do our best to match you with the career coach that we feel is right for you.

We offer four premium career coaching options to meet the needs of any job seeker and you can choose either full scope or partial services. Career counseling is carried out in several formats, which differ in content.

Fast Track Session. 1.5 – 2 hrs

The goal of the Session is to formulate a unique value proposition of the candidate, navigate on labor market, determine positioning and agree on promotion methods  From

Price: 25 000 RuR  to 150 000 RuR

The price depends on the level of the expert & assessment tools

Extended Career Development Program “My Way”.  3 – 6 months.

You can get extended follow-sessions that includes preparation for an interview for a specific vacancy, employment support, self  promotional/ marketing program.

Price is formed individually depending on the length of program, size of the targeted company list, the complexity of self marketing program and the level of the selected expert

Special programs for WOMEN LEADERS.
2 – 6 months

The program is designed specifically for women who want to accelerate their development. It has 4 models: (1) for those who want to move to a new level of management (2) for those who want to become member of  board of directors, (3) for those who want to change job & find themselves anew, and (4) for those who have already achieved everything and who face the question “what else can I do”  

During sessions you may learn

  • In which particular area, for which position you have more chances of finding a job
  • How to find the job and apply appropriately
  • Get an edited resume tailored to your goals
  • How to successfully pass an interview
  • How to justify your salary expectations and achieve income higher than the average in the labor market
  • Gain professional support and confidence in your actions
  • Get up-to-date information on the labor market
  • Learn how to build up & grow your network
  • How to strengthen your personal brand in the market


Why Addwise

Why you should choose Career Consulting at Addwise: you will work with experienced consultant & mentor, ex VP or Function Head in large Russian or Multinational companies. 

Our experts are also certified in coaching & various assessment tools, like Hogan, DISC, SHL, Detech and others, and if necessary, we can provide detailed advice on how maximize your strengths and minimizing weaknesses as a candidate

We make over 100 senior and middle management appointments a year.

Most of the significant companies in the Russian economy are in our notebook and ready to answer our call. With our help you can get appointments with companies that would not have taken place in case of contact from the open market

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